We Went to Africa – Travel Series! (Part 2)


We. Went. To. Africa…Part 2!

Ready for more travel and fun? Last week, we found ourselves traveling through three neighboring countries in East Africa: Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia. What a time we had sight seeing, tasting good eats and exploring! This week, we’re in for another great time as we move north to Egypt, Sudan and Libya. Grab your walking shoes and passports and let’s go!

Part 2: Egypt, Sudan and Libya

Day #1 – Egypt

Time Hop Time!

If you’re looking to make your way through ancient Egypt, you’re going to want to take this with you as you explore. African Beginnings, by James Haskins and Kathleen Benson, is your one-stop shop guide to the ancient world. Look to pages 11 & 13 for pointers on how to navigate a place with such rich history.


 The Land of the Pharaohs

Egypt, by far, was one of the most exciting lands in ancient history for me to learn about when I was a kid. The majesty of their Pharaohs always intrigued me. That’s why it was so much fun to introduce my own children to some of these rulers.

Did you know there was one in particular who’s “Pharaoh-ship” caused quite a stir?

Whatcha Writing?!

Hieroglyphics were always a wondrous mystery to me. This incredible writing system of symbols can be understood a little more clearly after you see this:

But if mummies aren’t your thing, check out Nat Geo Kids for more current news and information.

Bonus Adventure

The Day of Ahmed’s Secret, by Florence Parry Heide and Judith Heide Gilliland, was a real page turner as we couldn’t wait to find out what he was keeping secret throughout his busy day.


Day #2 – Sudan

  Let’s Go Sight Seeing!

Tag along with us as we piggy back with another traveler to see breathtaking sights! Believe it or not, there may be some pyramid sightings around here as well. 😉

The Land of the Black People and Other Facts

In this video, you’ll hear someone from Sudan set the record straight about her country. Check it out, you may be surprised by what you hear!

Travel Guide

The people of Sudan have withstood years of struggle, from which many stories of hope have been birthed. In the book Brothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan, by Mary Williams, you’ll find just that.


Tired yet? Sabeel!

The people of Sudan are known for their gestures of kindness. The tradition of Sabeel, the offering of water to passers-by and those in mourning, is further explained here:


Day #3 – Libya

What to do?

Yay! You made it! Welcome to Libya! We really enjoyed ourselves when we went and I know you will too. First up, here’s a creative craft to celebrate some national pride. See how egg cartons can be transformed into the Libyan flag.


Travel Guide

The book, Peoples of Africa: People of North Africa, by the Diagram Group, is an insiders guide to the unique people groups who make up the region of North Africa. Grab this from your local library to make your who’s who list of the people of North Africa. Heads up, it may be a little dense for younger ages. But there are some pretty cool pictures and facts you can still check out. Being a mother of two girls, the section on hair styles was especially a hit!


Grab a snack!

We ended our time in Libya, in our own kitchen, by making a traditional food enjoyed here. Make sure you wear an apron when you make this Ftaat bread because you’re sure to get messy!

I included a video below of my girls whipping it up themselves. It was very yummy. I thought it tasted like a pancake…Mmmm!

Making Ftaat Bread!

Apologies in advance if you don’t have Facebook. Because, as we were making it, I pulled out my phone and recorded it on FB live. So if you don’t have Facebook, you may not be able to view it. 😦

But here’s some pics of the final tasting. They had a blast!

 FullSizeRender-3       FullSizeRender-4

Alas, we’ve come to our final day in North Africa, but don’t worry, we’ll be back for more next week. We’ll be traveling to West Africa! Stay tuned to see what we did in Mauritania, Mali, Senegal, Ghana and more! You may want to rest up because we’ll be moving fast to cover lots of ground. 😉

Thanks for reading and if you haven’t done so already, why don’t you hit that “follow button” so you can get the latest posts and updates. Go ahead, I know ya wanna! 😉



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