Building My Brand

Nowadays, whenever I hear someone staunchly declare, “I’m building my brand”, I quietly shudder while thinking of all the ways in which I “can’t” or “won’t” be able to do the same for myself.

Low on resources…check.

Not tech savvy enough…double check.

Too tired to keep up with the ever changing trends on social media and the current state of how one connects to the world around them…TRIPLE CHECK!!!

But, when I think of all the ways in which I could make a lasting impact on my very tiny corner of the world, I soon snap out of my internal naysaying and determine in my heart to push through all my fears once more.

I’ll be honest, this business of “building my brand” has not come easy. I sometimes lack consistency as you will see from my spotty blog posting history. Also, I don’t always feel as though I have something to say, so I refrain from the urge to post just because. One of the biggest reasons why it took me so long to even start this blog was because of my sheer loathing of the irritating “fluff” posts that cluttered my inbox faster than I could trash them. I simply refused to be that blogger!

However, I recognize that in today’s world, even the 30 second video montage on my Facebook timeline that’s a real tear jerker is soon forgotten for the next viral post. In order to survive this overly saturated blogosphere full of useful homeschool resources, amazing Pinterest finds and stunning blogs, I. MUST. STAY. RELEVANT.

Herein lies the rub.

As I continue to immerse myself into this world of social media plugs and email subscriptions, I have sought help from friends who know how to navigate the depths of this “new agey” marketing at far greater ease than myself. I’ve leaned on so many friends who churn out websites and priceless branding advice in their sleep!

I’ve sought the likes of an incredibly knowledgable woman and friend, Olivia Denton, of the Busy Girls’ Brunch to help me further explore my branding potential. She’s helped me think through the why for my brand, who my audience is and what I believe I can uniquely offer them. Of course, she’s offered me WAY more valuable insight and encouragement than I could mention in this five-second cameo. Whenever I need a refresher, I just head on over to the Busy Girls’ Brunch’s Facebook Group, where I can encounter like-minded women for encouragement.

I’ve also been reading my friend Sirena Moore-Thomas’ newly released book, Water Walker Mindset: How to Embrace Uncertainty and Do What Seems Impossible, to shake off my fearful tendencies. I could go on and on mentioning the countless others who have helped push me to the next level. I’m grateful to have so many in my circle who are pressing towards their own goals while bringing others along with them!

Why waste time recreating the wheel if others have already trodden the well-worn path?

Some of you may find yourselves in a similar position of feeling unsure about where to start, ill-equipped or just plain old discouraged.

My advice to you, fellow sojourner, is to just keep going!

Don’t let the blogger next door who might appear to have a better handle on social media marketing blitz’ deter you from building your audience. Don’t allow your inner critic to take center stage by silencing your voice. And, trust your instincts. You’ve gotta figure out what it is that you do well and go hard after it! I know that I’m not a weekly or even a bi-weekly blogging sorta gal. But, when I’ve got something worthwhile to say, trust me, you’ll hear from me!

As I build my brand, I want to share how God is growing and expanding this here Able to Teach endeavor. I’m especially geeked to show you what the new Able to Teach Homeschool Collective is all about! In the meantime, won’t you do a little cheer with me? A few weeks ago, I had to once again silence my inner hater and take the plunge by creating the Able to Teach Homeschool Collective logo!

Check it out below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for reading!



Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for the shout-outs and references to websites, individuals and materials mentioned in this blog. This was simply me showing love to my friends like a proud soccer mom and highlighting what I see God doing in the lives of these amazing women! Carry on. 😉

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Published by Courtney B. Dunlap

Christ follower. Wife. Mother. Friend. Writer...and excited to grow! I believe there's a need for more down-to-earth online spaces in which moms like you and me and anyone else in-between can explore the in's and out's of homeschooling free from competition yet rich with encouragement. My hope is that all that you find here will provide just that!

4 thoughts on “Building My Brand

  1. Wow Wow Wow Courtney! The logo is so beautiful! I am so excited to see where the Lord is taking ATT and your new season! Able to Teach not only bless your little ones but us as well as you continue to share your journey with us!

    Thank you for this post Sis! I feel like God tells me to do something and the enemy & my inner critic tells me why I can’t do it! But this post was so encouraging to see other people go through the same thing! Thank you for your transparency Sis! It is definitely time to Be Me Bravely like u said! Love u!


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