It was Curt Curt’s Birthday, but I still Messed Up!…Keep Reading Because You Don’t Want to Miss What’s at the End!

Hey guys!

I did a thing…

Today, (well as in 57 minutes ago on the 11th, but who’s counting really??) was my son’s, (Curtis Jr., or as we more fondly call him, Curt Curt) birthday. And it was an awesome day! Despite all previous birthday plans having to be squashed due to this pandemic and the dire need to be quarantined, I am proud to say the hubby and I were able to pull off a pretty memorable 7th birthday for this kid! (Point: Parents…Woo Whoo!)

He had a pretty cool Superhero themed Zoom party with his best buddies. Curt Curt, being the HUGE Marvel fan he is, was super hyped when he came downstairs in the morning. He saw his birthday gift featuring his favorite Avengers all suited up and ready for play on the kitchen table. He could barely contain himself when his daddy fired up the grill for chili cheese dogs and cheese fries! Of course throughout the day, he got sweet video messages and phone calls and gifts dropped on the front and back porches from family. Not to mention, he enjoyed watching the second half of the Sonic Movie which we started during our pre-birthday festivities last night. We finished the night of his birthday with an encore performance of the new Trolls Movie! Overall, it was an AMAZING day. My heart is full from all the love people showed my little guy.

Any who, if you’re wondering why I titled this post with that weirdly long headline, here’s why:

In the midst of all this celebrating and fun, I also failed to remember some pretty important people…YOU!

You see, when I first set out on this blogging journey, it was with the hopes to bring you along for an experience of a lifetime as I published my first children’s book. I’ve been so blessed and grateful for your love and support over the years. So many of you have taken the time to read and comment and even share my blogs and sometimes rambling thoughts.

There’s been times though, in which I haven’t always done the best job of keeping you in the loop for my book happenings and such. Today was sadly another one of those days.

That being said, I am SO very happy to share with you that yesterday (April 11th) and TODAY (April 12th), The Rumble Hunters will be available as a FREE eBook on Amazon!!!

I am thrilled and of course as my faithful supporters and cheerleaders, I should have made a point to let you all know that The Rumble Hunters would be a FREE eBook on Amazon, first. I am so sorry! I hope you open this email. I hope you read to the end and I hope you are able to download my FREE eBook on Amazon!

Its been such a labor of love and I’m beyond excited to share it with as many people as I can.

I want to thank you for your encouragement over the years. It really has meant A LOT to me!

Would you do me a quick favor though, if you do download and read the FREE eBook of The Rumble Hunters on Amazon, and, if you happen to actually enjoy any semblance of my book, I ask you to please tell all about it in a friendly Amazon review. I would be greatly indebted to you for doing so. If you don’t get this email in time and you miss out on this weekend’s FREE eBook of The Rumble Hunters on Amazon, trust me, I am planning other free download days in the near future and I *promise* to make good on being sure you all know first!

And just in case you missed it, in honor of Curt Curt’s 7th birthay, here’s the 7th time I will link to the FREE Amazon download of The Rumble Hunters! 😉

Love to you all! Happy Easter! Happy Resurrection Sunday! Jesus is ALIVE!!!



P.S. Here’s a fun and FREE downloadable scavenger hunt to go along with my book in case your kiddies are gettin antsy around the house!

The Rumble Hunters‘ Hunt That Sound Scavenger Hunt

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