7 Things I’m Doing for My Kids’ Spring Break


I don’t know about you, but on this 13th day of April, 2020 is already turning out to be a whole mood!


We have all been in a collective holding pattern and its unclear when we will be released.

I don’t mean to make light of this very serious COVID-19 pandemic, but I also understand that for many of us in these here homeschool trenches, life has been especially tasking as of late. Many states have already passed Stay-At-Home orders and closed schools indefinitely or for the rest of the year. As for my family, two of my kiddos haven’t felt much of a difference since they were homeschooled prior to COVID-19 touched down. My oldest on the other hand, has been in our township school for this school year, but has since resumed home studies due to her school also closing indefinitely. She’s been busy on the laptop every day with Google Classroom and hasn’t missed a beat.

This week however, is going to be different…I can promise you that! I am soooo ready for spring break like never before! That’s why I decided to share my spring break plans!

So with no further ado, here’s a rundown of 7 Things I’m Doing for My Kids’ Spring Break:

1. Catching up on Homeland

Liiiiiisssseeen…this is Numero Uno on my list y’all! I’ve got four words for you: Carrie Mathison. Saul Berenson. If these names mean nothing to you, then my prayers are with you. All I can say is you have missed out! Homeland has been my guilty pleasure for seven seasons strong! And I am truly heartbroken that this eighth one is this riveting spy series’ last hurrah. I simply cannot get enough of CIA agent Carrie Mathison’s (portrayed by Claire Danes) lip quiver whenever her superior Saul Berenson (played by Manny Patinkin) calls her out for breaking protocol! GEESH! Get it together Carrie!

Seriously though, my husband and I have found this show’s excellent storyline and phenomenal acting to be top notch and I cannot wait to watch what happens on the next few episodes saved in on our library.

2. Finally reading my Facebook “saves”

Come on, avert those judgmental eyes people! We all have done it. And especially in this time of quarantine, I’m sure our Facebook “saves” list has more than quadrupled! I’m embarrassed to say that I can’t even begin to tell you how many of these bad boys I’ve got. But you know what, that doesn’t matter, does it? Because now that the kids are on spring break, I can finally get that jawn (sorry until last summer, I lived in Philly for over a decade) to a more manageable number. Will any of you be attempting to do the same this spring break?

3. Restarting my BIG work out plans for the third time in 2020

So, um, yeaaaaah…

About this one.

I’m not going to lie. I’m going to give restarting my big work out plans for the third time in 2020 my best shot. I truly am. I really do want to do better. God reminded me just yesterday that I need to master my sweet and salty addiction before it masters me!


I genuinely hope to come out of this spring break on the right side of things as it pertains to healthy(ier-ish) eating habits and consistent more than once a week exercise. Y’all, pray for me! If I can be transparent for a quick hot second, I do know I need to better steward my body and I cannot put it off any longer.

4. Finish a MAJOR writing deadline by Wednesday (4/15)

Okay, so this one is huge guys! I’ve been working on a deadline for the publisher I write for since NOVEMBERRRRR!!! And when I say I’m ready to be done, what I really mean is I’m over it! Well, at least I’m over this project in particular. Its not a lie when I say I absolutely love the content and curriculum I write for this company. But after looking at the same Word documents for almost half a year, I’m pretty much mentally tapped out. Once I hit “send” on this assignment come Wednesday, you just might see a lady cartwheeling down the street (in a socially distant way of course)! Please don’t call “the people” on her. Its just me celebrating!

5. Go on a date with my hubby (in our living room)

In this age of COVID-19, my hubby and I haven’t been on a date in a hot minute. I am in total agreement with staying home, being socially distant and keeping my germs to myself. That being said, its a tad difficult to remember when my husband and I last went out. For authenticity’s sake, I had to ask Curtis as I was writing this to verify when and where we last went. He confirmed it was the Cinder Bar, a new-ish restaurant that has great chicken and waffles and cheesesteak egg rolls if you’re into that sort of thing! But it just dawned on me that this week would be an ideal time to have a date night in with my boo thang!

6. Do some leisurely reading

I hate to admit it but, this leisurely reading thing ain’t for the faint of heart these days. Life has been going at 150 MPH and its been really tough to just sit and read. That being said, I’m going to make it my goal to finish up Taraji P. Henson’s book Around the Way Girl! I can’t even tell you when I started this thing, but I know that I enjoyed it from the moment I cracked it open. Reading about her life, I’ve grown to respect Taraji even more as an artisan in her craft. Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way and hasn’t been kind in terms of my ability to sit back and read. But not this week! I will make it my business to do some reading and hopefully finish this book by week’s end. We shall see.

7. And finally…REST


What a concept right? You’d think when the entire world is LITERALLY shut down, I’d have more time to do this. But in the past four weeks or so, I feel like my rest levels have been a bit shaky. For various reasons, I’ve surprisingly only rested at a disappointing minimum. My prayer is that I will begin to incorporate a more consistent rhythm of rest and worship. I’ve been able to be devoted to God through focused prayer time and Bible reading, but I truly believe God created us with limitations for the sole purpose of being reminded that we are created beings while He is Creator. We are finite and He is infinite. We are limited and He has all power! For this reason, we must honor these limitations God has given us and allow for intentional times of rest.

I welcome this opportunity for rest with open arms!

Well, that just about sums it up. I can’t wait for this spring break. I look forward to reading how you’ll be spending yours! Please be sure to share in the comments!

Happy spring breaking!



Author’s Note: I know this post was a light hearted take on the things I’m looking forward to on my kids’ spring break. I hope that it gave you a few chuckles and some ideas for how to enjoy your spring break as well. But, I am also well aware that we are in the midst of an unprecedented world wide health crisis. Sadly, it has hit home for many of us (my family included). Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I pray you find hope and peace in the only One who can make sense when everything seems to be falling apart. His name is Jesus Christ and He loves you. He is big enough to hold your troubles and worries. You can give them over to Him. He is God. If you’d like to speak further about this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can leave me a message in the comments or email me at cdunlap31@gmail.com. Stay safe! Be encouraged. You are not alone! Sending you love!

Photo by Laurentiu Iordache on Unsplash

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. The opinions expressed in this post are solely those of the author.

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