Summer Fun: Quarantine Edition

Summer is in full swing around these parts!

*Cue Summertime by Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff!!!

I must admit, summer is definitely my absolute most favorite time of the year! I mean, I’m a July baby, there’s plenty of cute tops and shorts to go around, extended daylight, and the list goes on and on!

The thing that makes this summer stand out is the fact that we are in the midst of a global pandemic! Numerous quarantine and stay-at-home orders are still in full effect with no end in sight!

For this reason, in addition to the 130,000+ tragically lost lives due to this insidious illness, millions suffering from job loss, panic and rising grocery prices, some of the other (that would majorly pale in comparison) downers to this summer are as follows…the days are hot and long. EVERYONE is stuck at home. By the time you’re reading this post, your kids have already complained of boredom for the 7,567th time and you’re about to lose your mind!

I get it.

These are my sentiments exactly some days.

This is why I wanted to share 10 ideas for summer fun despite the peculiar times in which we live. I hope this list will bring some joy and fresh ideas to you as we collectively wait this thing out. Without further ado, here’s the Summer Fun: Quarantine Edition – 10 Summer Fun Ideas Despite COVID!

1.) Have a picnic.

My girls and I did this two weeks ago. Check out our cute pics below. 😉 My oldest was itching to get outside so I gave her and her sis the responsibility of planning our outing. They chose which snacks we’d take, the games we’d play and even a book for us to read. We packed everything up and found a secluded, grassy hill in a nearby park. We had a blast listening to music, making up new games with our frisbee, munching on snacks and simply enjoying each other’s company! You should try this!

2.) Paint outside.

There was another day that same week in which I decided enough was enough! We needed to get outside. This time, we kept it local, as in our backyard. I grabbed all of our paint supplies, turned the TV off and corralled everyone outside. My kids came up with their best masterpieces and we enjoyed some ice pops to cool off afterwards.

3.) Make up your own Olympic Games.

Its a bummer the Olympic Games were cancelled this summer, though the safety of every athlete and official is of supreme importance. That’s why we decided to make up our own Olympic Games. Grab your bikes, razors, jump ropes, chalk, footballs, hula hoops, frisbees and anything else and head outside. Each family member should make up rules for each event.

After demonstrating how each event should be played, everyone competes. Award points based on execution, style and creativity. Really get into it, imitate the announcer’s voice, make up chants, give competitors cool nicknames when they’re announced and just have fun with it! Afterwards, hold an awards ceremony where the competitors stand to receive their “medals”. When we held our own Olympic Games, I twisted wild flowers (aka weeds) into cool wreaths for their heads. The kids loved this! Yours will, too.

4.) Socially distant baking with friends

Not too long ago, my middle daughter had a socially distant baking date with her friend. Her friend’s momma and I arranged everything. We chose the recipe, got all the ingredients ahead of time and jumped on a FaceTime call. It was the cutest thing ever!! The blueberry muffins came out perfect, but most importantly, memories were made that day!

5.) Introduce your kiddos to a classic.

With summer heat, rainy days and thunderstorms are inevitable. On these days, you have the chance to introduce your kiddos to classic movies. We did! We introduced our kids to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy over a span of several rainy days. And then, we followed up with The Hobbit! If goblins and Gollum aren’t your thing, that’s fine. Choose your own family classic, pop some popcorn, snuggle under warm blankets and enjoy the show!

6.) When in doubt, always go with sprinklers!

You can have water guns, blow up pools, slip-n-slides, water balloons or whatever else to stay cool. But at the end of the day, nothing beats good ol’ fashioned summer time fun like sprinkler play! Its easier than filling up a bunch of water balloons and not as time consuming as blowing up a plastic pool. Turn on the sprinkler and watch the magic unfold!

7.) Ice Cream Sundaes are for any day!

Its summer — you’re supposed to eat Ice Cream Sundaes! And unlike the name, they don’t only have to be eaten on Sundays! 😉 Make an Ice cream Sundae bar complete with plenty of yummy toppings, and a cherry on top!

8.) Encourage imaginative play.

My kids are always building something, cutting something, working on something and imagining everything! In fact, I encourage it. Whenever we have large cardboard boxes laying around, I let them have at it. Just last month, my big girls created a whole town with these boxes. They showed me around and I was quite impressed! Play is good. Kids learn so much through it. Why not encourage yours to do more of it today?

9.) Camp out inside.

Do you have a tent? If so, why not allow the kids to put it up in the family room for the day? Sure, it can be cumbersome and in the way, but you know what, that means less screen time for them and more peace of mind for you! Your kids will not only camp out, but I’m almost certain concerts, playing dress-up and house, dolls, wrestling matches, reading and whatever else they can think of will come of it. When the quarantine started, I allowed my kids to set our tent up in our family room, and they were in it for HOURS!!! I know your kids will do the same!

10.) Bubbles and S’mores

Kids love bubbles.

I repeat:




I was quite surprised with how excited my almost 12 year old got over the bubbles I pulled out two weeks ago!!! I knew her two-year-old sister would squeal but I didn’t know what to think when the big one jumped in on the bubble action as well. Its fine. I thoroughly enjoyed our bubble day. We’ve also ended many of our summer days with S’mores out back. If you don’t have the capability to do that outside, don’t worry, a gas stove top works just as well! And you don’t have that, Hershey’s, marshmallows, and graham crackers taste yummy nevertheless!

I hope this list of ideas for summer fun has inspired you. Keep it simple. I think in these uncertain times, all our kids need is: love, fun and family!

Also, I wanted to add that I continue to pray for those who are truly suffering physically, emotionally and mentally due to this virus. My thoughts and prayers are truly with you as well. My strongest desire is for God to help us find a cure!

Please stay safe and have summer fun!!!

Be sure to shoot me some pics if you decide to try any of the suggestions on this list. 😉

Blessings to you and yours,


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