I’m Just A.M.O.M.

Sure, I’m putting the finishing touches as I write this on Tuesday and in all actuality, it will be posted live come the WEE hours of Wednesday morning, but I couldn’t let another moment go by without keeping you from being in the “know” of what’s been going on as of late in my life.

Last Monday, I embarked upon a new little venture.

I launched a weekly IG live entitled, I’m Just A.M.O.M., better known as Just Ask Me on Monday. *see what I did there*

Whenever people stumble across the fact that I’m a homeschooler and author as well as a wife and momma of four, not to mention the wife of a pastor, and so on…their mouths usually drop. I typically follow it up with saying, “I’m just a mom.”

For so long, that has been my answer to many things in life. Almost as a way to down play what I am, who I am and what I do.

I’ve even heard many mommas over the years utter the same words in a sort of defeated admission that their role as mom to their kids was nothing more than glorified babysitting.

Well, I wanted to take back the meaning of this phrase and inject life, power, purpose and excitement into what I know God has called me to in this season as my children’s mom. I decided to launch a weekly IG live by playing on the same title in which I chat with viewers about my life, answer their homeschool questions and even provide some questions about my road to authorship.

I wanted to share my first video from last week with you now and most likely will follow up with this week’s video in the next few days.

In the meantime, I present to you, I’m Just A.M.O.M. And if you enjoyed it, meet me back next Monday (8/3/20) at 4pm EST on my instagram account www.instagram.com/courtney_b_dunlap.

As a matter of fact, next Monday, you’re in for a treat, as I’ll be chatting with a special guest. A friend and fellow homeschool momma, by the name of Rhonda Ryan, will be stopping by to chat with me. Rhonda will be sharing what got her started in the homeschooling circuit as well as how homeschoolers can find their own community. I hope to see you there!

Thanks for reading (and watching)!



Published by Courtney B. Dunlap

Christ follower. Wife. Mother. Friend. Writer...and excited to grow! I believe there's a need for more down-to-earth online spaces in which moms like you and me and anyone else in-between can explore the in's and out's of homeschooling free from competition yet rich with encouragement. My hope is that all that you find here will provide just that!

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