What is Homeschooling?


Ever meet a homeschooler and secretly think to yourself, “I wish I could do that?!”

Or, have you been dibbling and dabbling at a snail’s pace into becoming an officially official homeschooler?

If so, here’s where you can find out what exactly homeschooling is and what it isn’t!

For starters, here’s what it isn’t:

  • It isn’t for the faint of heart.
    • I can tell ya right now, since beginning my homeschool journey in 2013, homeschooling has NOT been for the faint of heart. If you are one who tends to jump first in the game of Chicken, then you might want to take a serious look at counting what committing to homeschooling might cost you.
  • It also isn’t always what’s best for the season you’re family is in.
    • This one is definitely something you must consider and go in to with your eyes wide open. Homeschooling isn’t for everyone. But it CAN be for you!
  • It isn’t the only way to educate your children.
    • Now, don’t hear me bashing homeschooling. Like I said we’ve been at this for quite a while. And it is literally my dream job! But I also recognize that there are many, many, many other ways in which people educate their children. This is simply one of them.
  • Homeschooling is not a set of rules!
    • Sure, there are state guidelines you need to adhere to, these are very important. But more than that, there is freedom with how you choose to meet those guidelines. You have a smorgasbord of options when it comes to curricula, programs, co-ops, virtual meet-ups, add ons, supplements and choices. Let your hair down! You’ve got the right to choose exactly HOW you want to educate your children! And for that, homeschooling is freeing!!!
  • It isn’t (always) for forever.
    • This is piggy backing off of #2. As I previously mentioned, homeschooling can be right for you right now, but later on it can be absolutely wrong for you! And that’s okay. The year(s) you spend home educating your children may seem long and what you feel like will always be the case in your family’s homeschool, may eventually change. And that’s okay. Enjoy this mini forever right now.

What homeschooling is:

  • Its something you must work at; its time consuming.
    • Its stretching, and yet, it can be exciting! You get what you put into it. Sometimes the “getting” of whatever you’re putting into it might not come right away. But trust me at some point you will see the results. You’ll see your kids thrive. You most likely will even learn invaluable lessons about yourself.
  • Homeschooling is (or at least has the potential to be) isolating.
    • Yet, homeschooling is also simultaneously a community. What I mean is, there may be times where it seems like you’re the only one following the teaching modality you’ve chosen. Or it seems as if nobody has heard of that one curriculum you’re using. But, the broader appeal of homeschooling is that there are homeschoolers spread throughout every nook and cranny of our country and in some cases, our world! Even if you’re the “only’s” in your town, you’ve got a homeschool community at large who is right there in the trenches with you! Never forget, you are not alone!
  • Homeschooling is your ticket to growth.
    • Wanna grow? Try homeschooling! Let me tell ya…who would’ve thought I’d see such growth not only in my own kids but also in myself?! There have been days in which I wanted to pack up and call it quits, some of you may experience similar days, too. But the reality is that the task in front of me is one of the tools in which God is using to change me, mold me, and form and fashion me into the woman, wife, mother, friend, daughter and sister He wants me to be!
  • Lastly, homeschooling is something you and your kids will NEVER forget!
    • Trust me, whenever a former homeschooler finds out that this is the choice my family and I have decided for our kids’ education, I can’t tell you how times they recount fond memories of their time spent as pupils in their family’s home! Some ex-homeschoolers have other, not so great memories, but they are still stories to be told nevertheless. No matter how long you choose to homeschool, always remember for the time with which you do commit to this #homeschoollife, your kids will NEVER forget it! On the especially tough days, try to remember that this is just another memory they’re forming. You’ve got this!
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