Courtney + Sharifa Take the Hot Seat!

If you had the chance to sit with an author and ask them anything, what would you ask?

Well, this Friday, April 24th at 5pm CST/8pm EST, you’ll have your chance!

I’m teaming up for a Facebook live not soon forgotten with Sharifa Anozie, author of the recently released children’s picture book, It’s In You!

Together, Sharifa and I will be taking the hot seat and asking one another an array of 20 questions!  For those who have aspiring young authors in your home, they’ll be interested in hearing our respective publishing experiences. If your kiddos want to know what a day in the life of an author is really like…read: are we normal folks just like you? *hint: YES, yes we are!* Then, be sure to ask us what our favorite foods are! And, I must mention that our rapid fire round will be so full of fun, your entire family won’t want to miss it!

If you’re still thinking, “This sounds cool but what’s in it for me?” I’ll tell you what, what if there was a chance to win Sharifa’s newly minted book as well as an autographed copy of my own new book, The Rumble Hunters?! 

Well guess what, you’ll get your chance to take home one of our books when you tune in to the Facebook live this Friday! Simply go to my Facebook page: Courtney B. Dunlap, and meet us for the fun!

Be sure to come ready to ask your questions, too. They might just get answered on the live video. We’re super excited and we look forward to you joining us! 

See you there for our hot seat moment, tomorrow, Friday, April 24th at 5pm CST/8pm EST!

Be well!


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