Here’s Why Black Homeschoolers Need Each Other

The remnants of slavery’s evils have left an unseemly stench in all our noses.

The history of Blacks being shuttered from certain “hued” neighborhoods, restaurants, higher education institutions, and yes, sadly, even churches, is disturbing. You don’t have to dig too deeply to figure out that this has led to the resourcefulness of Blacks making room for themselves where traditionally there was none. This is why I find the question as to why Blacks need each other for moral support, financial backing, medical assistance, quality education, spiritual formation, and even protection at times, is so peculiar.

The reality is the body count of the consequences of slavery keep rising. What was birthed during America’s infancy is the child of today’s intolerant culture of anything Black or Brown.

There’s no wonder when considering the topic of homeschooling, the reality that Black homeschoolers need each other is a no-brainer! I’m honored to be amongst a community of supportive, encouraging and Black homeschoolers who value my personhood and the Black lives of my four children. When I am in their presence, I don’t have to wonder if my children will be categorized as “other” in the eyes of our homeschool peers.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit and chat for a bit with a fellow Black homeschooling mother by the name of Kendra Price. Kendra is a momma to three beautiful Black children and the voice behind her blog, A Heart 4 Homeschool, and YouTube channel by the same name. Kendra and I felt the need to tackle this very relevant topic in the age of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Elijah McClain. But these names, who are now sadly synonymous with an ever growing list of hashtags, were once daughters and sons AND people who looked just like our own children!

In recent weeks, Kendra and I encountered a social media thread that was lit up by White homeschoolers. Many of these people were naysayers who deemed the need for Black homeschoolers to etch out their own spaces as “racist” and “divisive”. This is why we decided to share the reasons why we, as Black homeschoolers, need each other. I’d love for you to listen to our conversation and then chime in with your thoughts in the comments section.

If you’d like to read the text of Kendra’s article about this topic on her blog, you can find that here: Here’s Why Black Homeschoolers Need Each Other. Be sure to subscribe to Kendra’s YouTube Channel, A Heart 4 Homeschool, and like and follow her on her Facebook Page by the same name!

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