I Wrote a Book!


What could that sound be? When a young boy is awakened by a mysterious rumble, he braves the dark of night armed with only his flashlight and fish to hunt the sound.

Along the way, he needs a little help from his siblings and their wet, scaly and furry pets. Together, they become known as, The Rumble Hunters!

What will happen when James and his courageous crew discovers the source of all the racket? Find out in this breathtaking bedtime adventure that will have you on the edge of your seats until the very end!

And when its over, your kids will be begging you to read it again!

I’m beyond thrilled to share my debut book with you! It was a four year road with lots of ups and plenty of downs. I’ve even let many of you (who have been following me for this time frame), in on my crazy ride! That’s why I’d love for you to support me as I’ve now accomplished my dream by publishing my very first book!!!

I’d be blown away if you wanted to purchase an autographed copy of, The Rumble Hunters at my website www.courtneybdunlap.com!

I hope you’ll join James for the time of your life! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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